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Furniture Assembly Solutions in London by Flat Pack Mates

A picture may be worth a thousand words but this doesn’t seem to apply for flat pack furniture instruction manuals. As if IKEA are trying to teach the whole world Swedish. Not only that but sometimes it is almost impossible to put interior pieces together on your own.

To avoid those hard moments and even waste of your precious time – contact our experienced handymen at Flat Pack Mates for flat pack assembly today! We provide furniture assembly services in London at decent affordable price rates! And rest assured our specialists know how to build your flat pack furniture in a safe and efficient manner.

We offer IKEA assembly and delivery and a range of other UK furniture retailers in all of London!

Flat Pack Assembly LondonBut wait, before you get to the assembly part, there is another issue you are up against! Shopping for furniture in London can be an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming experience. We can do that for you if you are planning to get new IKEA goods into your home. We have long experience and knowledge in the IKEA way of storing the stock in their stores. There are so many other things to do instead of walking around the long allies and looking for your purchase. Seems like a Herculean effort, doesn’t it?

So you will be happy to learn we can also purchase your furniture FOR YOU and deliver it to your address from all IKEA stores in London. This way you don’t have to waste hours upon hours roaming in a maze of aisles and shelves. Simply give us your finalized shopping list as well as specific instructions and our specialists will carry out the task with ease!

There’s More! This Service Is Not Just About The Furniture!

Ready-to-assemble furniture is an affordable and elegant way to sate your desire for interior renovation. The shopping and do-it-yourself parts might seem like difficulties at first but Flat Pack Mates will gladly solve these problems for you. We offer you a brand experience which eliminates the nuisances associated with the purchase of new home and office furniture. For easy reference, here are a few scenarios we can help you with:

  • Garden furnishings: the IKEA assembly has never been easier
  • Children furniture: we guarantee a sound assembly for the safety of your children
  • Bedroom furniture: the perfect assembly of your IKEA bed will ensure your restful sleep
  • Kitchen and dining furniture: in a few hours, your kitchen will be assembled and ready to use
  • Office furniture: we will assemble your IKEA desks, chairs, shelves and tables in no time so you can get busy right away

Furniture assembly in London has never been easier!

IKEA has become a paragon for furniture assembly in London but Flat Pack Mates can do a knock-down flat pack assembly from any brand, including but not limited to: Tesco, Peter Jones, Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Homebase, Heals, Argos, Asda, Aspace, B&Q, Dwell, Furniture 123, Harveys and many more!

Choose Flat Pack Mates and forget about the tiresome IKEA furniture assembly!

It’s really easy to get hold of us – simply dial 020 3404 4600 and talk to our friendly customer care representatives. They are ready to take your call 24/7 and will provide you with additional information. Don’t forget you can book our helpful services online as well – just fill in our booking form, it takes less than a couple of minutes!

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  • 'I didn't think I would need this type of service, but when I couldn't get ahead with assembling my living room furniture, your chaps proved me wrong. It took them less than an hour to do what I have been trying to accomplish for at least two.'

    Faith Rhodes

  • 'I love everything about your flat pack assembly service – the price, the quality and the speed. You have gathered a great team of professionals. It was a pleasure to work with your company!'

    Brooke Edwards

  • 'As a person who doesn't like shopping, I really appreciate your great service. I was glad to have someone else do the purchase, delivery and assembly for me. Thanks for the great work!'

    Zachary Perry

  • 'I'm amazed at how fast it all happened. It took such little time from initially calling to seeing the guest room completely refurbished. Count me as a return customer.'

    Demi Kent

  • 'I don't have a car so your furniture delivery service was a blessing for me. Thank you for transporting and assembling all of my IKEA purchases! I will call you again next time.'

    Elise Powell